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Famous Animals In Philippines



Tamaraw – The cousin of the water buffalo, carabao, or the so-called “Beast of Burden,” tamaraw is endemic only to the Philippines and to be specific in Mindoro. It is recognizable by its “V” form horn and usually smaller than the carabao. Now critically endangered, this animal can measure up to five to six feet in length and can weigh up to 300 kgs.

The Philippine Flying Lemur or Colugo - Also known as Kagwang by local folks, this fascinating mammal can be mistaken as a big bird as they are like flying gracefully in mid air. Kagwang has a head that resembles like that of dog and its body can be likened to the Canadian flying lemur. The Kagwang is actually gliding in the air not flying and it is adept in doing so. Commonly found in Mindanao, this awesome creature has 12-inch tail that is connected by a petagium, a membrane that stretches from the neck to the forelimbs to the hind feet to the tail. With this remarkable feature, the Kagwang is built to glide to a distance of 100 meters or more to escape being eaten as a meal by predators like the majestic Philippine Eagle and to conveniently move from one place to another.

The Philippine Sea Turtle – Also called here as Pawikan this marine creature patrols the open sea and when hungry will stalk on small fishes, crustaceans and jellyfishes. It is saddening to know that some of these dies of suffocation by eating plastic or balloons (the busted ones that find its way in the sea or ocean), that are mistaken as a yummy jellyfish.
The Philippines is home to four of the only six sea turtles species in the world. The Green Sea Turtle is the most common species, that can grow to a length of one and a half meters, and can weigh up to 185 kgs. The largest sea turtle in the country is the Leatherback, which can weigh up to more than 2 meters in length.

The Philippine Mouse Deer – In other countries this animal is also called chevrotain but in the Philippines it is called Pilandok. Although, not really specie of deer, Pilandok can only be found in the Philippines. The right tag for this awesome creature is a mouse deer, to be precise and accurate. The male ones don’t grow horns but will rely more on its larger front canine tusk-like teeth on its upper jaw to fend off the attacks of a predator. Other types of mouse deer can also be found in South East Asia, Sri Lanka and India.

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